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“Be a Winner ~ Be a Realtor.”

They say life’s a ride, and when I got started in real estate five decades ago, I had no idea the kind of ride I was getting ready to take. Fortunately for me, the ride’s been genuinely unique. Now as the founder of the Mulroy School of Real Estate, I focus on helping the next generation of real estate agents and brokers take the proverbial reins of the industry. We offer a real estate license course in Freehold, NJ, with a track record that speaks for itself. – (2024 ALL CLASSES ON ZOOM)

Back when I got started in the real estate business, I was on unemployment with three kids to support and a wife that was a full-time homemaker. Investing in professional licensing was a gamble because, as you know, a license doesn’t guarantee work; it only grants the right to compete for it. Struggling financially and looking for a way to survive, I took a gamble on my future success and pursued licensing in the real estate industry. Since getting my real estate license all those years ago, I’ve built a portfolio of 1,500 listings, 500 transactions, and the management of five real estate offices that generated $10 million in commissions. My gamble paid off, and my family and I are better off. After spending some time in retirement, my restlessness got the better of me, and I found myself toying with the idea of starting my real estate license school in Freehold, NJ. The decision was a no-brainer ‑ I love real estate, meeting new people, and teaching. From a simple side project to occupy my time and supplement my income in retirement, my little real estate school in Freehold, NJ, has grown to become a respected real estate school that’s HELPED over 20,000 students since opening our doors.

Today, I serve as executive director of the Mulroy School of Real Estate. I have built an incredible team of administrators and industry-tested instructors to help guide students on their journey into real estate licensing. With almost a century of combined real estate experience among instructors and staff, the Mulroy School of Real Estate is one of the area’s most professional, student-oriented schools. We offer a real estate license course in Freehold, NJ, with day, Saturday, and evening class options available for busy students who don’t want to put the rest of their lives on hold while they pursue real estate licensing. We also offer continuing education courses for currently licensed agents and brokers who want to keep their licenses in good standing. – (ALL THESE COURSES ARE AVAILABLE ON ZOOM).

I can’t guarantee your future success as a real estate agent or broker ‑ but I can tell you that real estate is a field where you can be rewarded for your hard work and have the chance to build your own successful business from the ground up. The first step, however, is getting licensed. From there, the ride is what you make of it. ~ Gene Mulroy

To Date: Over 20,000 students have taken our courses.

The Mulroy School of Real Estate offers 75-hour pre-license salesperson, 150-hour broker courses, continuing education, and training workshops for new and experienced salespersons.

Our teachers are experienced office managers and broker associates licensed by the Real Estate Commission to teach our approved real estate courses. Director E.J. Mulroy has been a real estate instructor for 40 years and a broker-associate for 50 years. Gene has listed, sold, and leased more than 1000 homes and is uniquely qualified to teach the training workshops.

Meet the Team:

Eugene Mulroy Director
Eugene Mulroy, Director

Michael Mulroy Vice President
Michael Mulroy, Vice President

Traci Roveda Administrative Manager
Traci Roveda, Administrative Manager

Robert Hamilton Instructor
Robert Hamilton, Instructor

Cynthia Guariglia, Instructor
Cynthia Guariglia, Instructor

Mulroy School Of Real Estate Instructor Graeme Atkinson
Graeme Atkinson, Instructor

Marion Devine Instructor
Marion Devine, Instructor

Mulroy School Of Real Estate Instructor Wendy Crispe
Wendy Crispe, Instructor
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